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    • Phone: 33 1 43 34 62 00
    • Fax: 33 1 43 34 63 50
    • 29 Quai des Gresillons 92622 Gennevilliers, Cedex, France

    Leader in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS), Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA), Low-energy Electron induced X-ray Emission Spectrometry (LEXES), and Atom Probe Tomography (ATP) they provide precise and accurate elemental and isotopic microanalysis data, with applications in mineralogy, geochemistry and space science, cell and microbiology, materials science, nanomaterials and semiconductors. Innovative metrology tools for microelectronics manufacturing from in-fab process control to R&D for thin film and new materials. Markets include materials, semi-conductor industry, geosciences and life sciences.

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